Monday, May 25, 2009

The Spiritual Believer and The Holy Spirit

Co-Editor in Chief Cathy Ferguson

Dear Believers in Jesus the Christ,

The Holy Spirit is guiding me to reveal to the spiritual believers about the importance of the Holy Spirit. Spiritual Believers must have a personal relationship with the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is God. The Holy Spirit is our Teacher, our Comforter, our Guide, our Protector. The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of ALL TRUTH. Abba Father Yahweh sent HIS Holy Spirit 50 days after HIS only begotten son Jesus the Christ came to sit at HIS right hand. We can do nothing for Abba Father Yahweh without the Power of the Holy Spirit. Spiritual believers must permit the Holy Spirit to teach us how to hear, respond and obey HIM. Abba Father Yahweh makes it clear that HE is looking for worshippers in spirit and in truth. You cannot be a worshipper in spirit and in truth to the one and only true God Abba Father Yahweh without the Holy Spirit.

Spiritual Believers should fellowship with the Holy Spirit everyday. The Holy Spirit should be involved in every aspect of the spiritual believers' life and if you are married yes, the Holy Spirit should be involved in your sex life. Yes, your sex life. Abba Father Yahweh created sex between a husband and a wife. And we all know how the enemy aka satan has pervert it. The Holy Spirit must be involved in all aspects of the spiritual believers life and the Holy Spirit will bring His Resurrection Power into everything that you give to Him. Everything you give to the Holy Spirit will be blessed and be made brand new through His Resurrection Power; the same power the Holy Spirit used to raised His First Fruits Jesus the Christ from the dead.

The Spiritual Believer and Never Giving Up

Thank you brothers and sisters in Christ for your prayers. I did swim today. I fasted this morning as part of my first fruits walk. I had a helping of the Words of Lord Jesus the Christ and the Words of Abba Father Yahweh. I praised and worshipped Abba Father Yahweh, the Lord Jesus, and the Lord Holy Spirit. I ate and drank to the Glory of Abba Father Yahweh. I gave Abba Father Yahweh all the Praise and all the Glory for this victory in my life. All spiritual believers please keep me up in prayer in this area.

Stay tune for more.

Your Sister in Christ Jesus,

Dr. Edith G. Davis

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