Sunday, February 1, 2015

The Spiritual Believers and A Paradigm Shift: Who Is Your Friend

Editor In Chief Cathy D. Ferguson

Dear Believers In Jesus the Christ,

Spiritual believers The Holy Spirit would like for me to reveal to you about A Paradigm Shift: Who is Your Friend. The Holy Spirit gave me a New Paradigm Shift of Who is My Friend.  As a child and as a young teenager having friends was so important to me.  I wanted to be popular.  I wanted to be liked by All.  Needless to say this was not my fate, nor is it anyone else fate to have everyone like you, adore you, nurture you, pray for you, give to you and believe in you.

The Lord God Holy Spirit taught me through the walks of Peter, Judas, Joseph, and Esther, that in God Abba Father Yahweh's Eyes' even my Enemies are my Friends.  This is why Jesus says Love your Enemies and Pray for those who despitefully Misuse and Mistreat you.  I said Daddy God Abba Father Yahweh how can this be?  Lord God Abba Father Yahweh these people Hate me, they Persecute me, they Speak Evil against me, they want to Steal from me, they want to Kill me Body, Soul and Spirit, they want to Destroy meLORD how are they my Friends?

God Abba Father Yahweh said that they were my friends because as long as I was in the Palms of HIS Hands He will use these people to help direct My Destiny that HE has planned for me.

God Abba Father Yahweh said that Potiphar's Wife was HIS Instrument to position Joseph in Pharaoh's Dungeon so that he would meet the Wine Taster for Pharaoh.

God Abba Father Yahweh said that Joseph's Brothers were HIS Instruments to place Joseph in the Pit so that he would be strategically placed in Egypt in order to save HIS People.

God Abba Father Yahweh said that Haman was HIS Instrument to move Queen Esther toward her Destiny to save His people.

God Abba Father Yahweh said that Judas was HIS Instrument to place Jesus HIS only begotten Son on the Cross in order to save the World.

Yes, Edith these same people who you think are your Enemies are really your Friends.  And Edith some of those people who you think are your Friends are your Enemies because they are
hindering you from walking in the Divine Destiny I have for you.

God said Edith Peter became an Enemy to my Son Jesus when he told Him that He would not die on the Cross.  Peter became an enemy when he tried to hinder Jesus from fulfilling the Destiny I had ordained for Him.  Jesus told Peter "Get behind me satan" because you are not for the plans of God, you are for the plans of man.  Peter at that moment in time was Opposing the Purpose of God Abba Father Yahweh.

God said Edith it is the same reason that Jesus called Judas "My Friend" the night he Betrayed Jesus because his Treacherous Deed was to be used to save the World!

So we must Rest in the Arms of our Daddy Abba Father Yahweh when we suffer persecution, when we suffer wrongs by the hands of our Enemies because they may be an Instrument of the Living God Abba Father Yahweh.  Jesus said that He only Said what He Heard His Father Say and He only Did what He Saw His Father Do!  And Jesus could Rest on a cushion in the bottom of a boat which appeared to be about to be capsized in the Sea of Galilee because He understood nothing can Stop the Word of God.  When His disciples (seasoned fishermen) woke Him and said "Do you not care that we are about to die".  Jesus did not even respond to them, Jesus the Prince of Peace who was full of Peace spoke "Peace Be Still" to the Invisible Realm first the Wind and it stopped which in turn stopped the Waves that were in the Visible Realm.  Jesus knew that nothing and no one could stop the Holy Word of God! And God the Father said go to the other side.  Lord Jesus went after the Root of the Issue which is satan and Jesus Shut satan Down.

After Peter betrayed Jesus not once, nor twice, but three times he learned this valuable lesson to
Trust Jesus, The LORD God Abba Father Yahweh and the Lord God Holy Spirit even in the darkest hours of his life.  Peter's Epiphany was demonstrated when he was captured shortly after Herod Agrippa beheaded the fellow Apostle James.  Heord's soldiers captured Peter and held him in chains between two soldiers the night before his Execution.  Peter was Sound a Sleep in total Peace just like his Savior Jesus the Christ.  Peter knew that he was in the hands of his Savior and his Heavenly Father that either way he would be taken care of in Life or Death because the Savior Jesus and his heavenly Father Loved him.

Peter slept just like Jesus because he knew that nothing and no one can stop his Destiny in the Kingdom of God that Daddy Abba Father Yahweh had ordained for him.  Peter learned that he could Trust God.  Peter Rested in the Arms of his Savior and his Heavenly Father.  When the Angel of God showed up in the prison to release Peter the Angel had to shake Peter because he was sleeping so soundly.  Peter was in total Peace.  The Angel of God released Peter from his chains walked him though the prison and commanded the gates to open releasing Peter to his freedom.

Spiritual believers Jesus, the Father and the Holy Spirit had Peter's back and Peter did not have to be concern about who were his Friends or who was his Enemies.  Peter just needed to follow the Lord God Holy Spirit. And God Abba Father Yahweh would take care of the REST.

Spiritual believers understand that some of your Enemies are your Friends and some of your Friends are your Enemies based on if they oppose or support the Will of the God Abba Father Yahweh in your life.   

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Roman 10:9

If you declare with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.

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Today Is Sunday Resurrection Day For Me.

Your Sister In Christ Jesus,

Dr. Edith G. Davis