Friday, September 11, 2009

The Spiritual Believer and The Fire, The Passion, and The Service

Editor in Chief Cathy Ferguson

Dear Believers in Jesus the Christ,

The Holy Spirit would like for me to reveal about The Fire, The Passion, and The Service. Spiritual believers Abba Father Yahweh is looking for those three things from HIS worshippers in Spirit and in Truth. And HE wants them in that order. Spiritual believers because of our Fire for The LORD Abba Father Yahweh, The Lord Jesus the Christ and the Lord Holy Spirit HE kindles a Passion in us that will surpass any passion we could have on this earth. Spiritual believers this Heavenly Passion enables us to do Awesome Services for the one and only true God Abba Father Yahweh. But even in this our arch enemy aka satan will try to derail us. Abba Father Yahweh is a God of order and if we get out of order it impacts our consecrated walk with HIM and our personal relationship with HIM.

satan our arch enemy sets up situations that will try to intervene with our service to Abba Father Yahweh. Spiritual believers our service when out of alignment with Abba Father Yahweh's Perfect Will can over take our passion and quinches the Fire of the Holy Spirit that is placed within us. Spiritual believers we should never let the Fire of the Holy Spirit be put out because of our service to the Living God Abba Father Yahweh. Abba Father Yahweh want us more than the service we render unto HIM.

Spiritual believers we maintain our Fire by maintaining over time our personal devotion to HIM. We increase our personal devotion to HIM through the Power of the Lord Holy Spirit. Spiritual believers do not let the world steal your private time with the LORD. Spiritual believers it is during our private devotions that our Fire is rekindled over and over again as we go from Glory to Glory until our flesh is totally consumed by the Fire of the Lord Holy Spirit and we become the Perfect Living Sacrifices for HIM.

Spiritual believers keep your Fire burning through the Power of the Lord Holy Spirit and you will keep your Passion and your Service in the correct order and there by be pleasing to the one and only True God Abba Father Yahweh.

The Spiritual Believers Never Giving Up

Thank you brothers and sisters in Christ for your prayers. I fasted this morning as part of my first fruits walk. I had a helping of the Words of Lord Jesus the Christ and the Words of Abba Father Yahweh. I praised and worshipped Abba Father Yahweh, the Lord Jesus, and the Lord Holy Spirit. I gave Abba Father Yahweh all the Praise and all the Glory for this victory in my life. All spiritual believers please keep me up in prayer in this area.

Stay tune for more.

Your Sister In Christ Jesus,

Dr. Edith Davis

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