Friday, July 17, 2009

The Spiritual Believer and The Power of Three

Co-Editor in Chief Cathy Ferguson

Dear Believers in Jesus the Christ,

The Holy Spirit would like for me to reveal to spiritual believers about The Power of Three. Spiritual believers there is power in three. The Godhead is three the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Abba Father Yahweh-YHWH establish three centers of power in the old testament; the Judge, the Prophet, and the Priest. Later, Abba Father Yahweh changed the power center of the Judge to the King after the people of Israel begged for a King. The new centers of power became the King, the Prophet and the Priest. The Priest takes the petition of the people to God, the Prophet takes God's Word to the People and the King rule the people of God on Abba Father Yahweh's behalf. The family unit Father, Mother and Child can be the strongest unit in society. The United States of America has three centers of governance the Executive branch, the Congressional branch, and the Judicial branch which can make our government one of the strongest in the world.

Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-Nego operated in the power of three. Their faith together enable them to withstand the pressure of King Nebuchadnezzar. I operate in the power of three. I am under the covering of the power of three. I cover under the power of three and disciple under the power of three.

One of the most powerful prayer unit is three. In the Word of Abba Father Yahweh HE states: that if two or more gather together and ask in the name of HIS only begotten son Jesus the Christ He will be in the mist and grant the petition. If there are two believers it becomes three with the Lord Jesus the Christ through the Power of the Holy Spirit that makes it a three unit prayer.

Spiritual believers you must learn to operate in the power of three.

The Spiritual Believer and Never Giving Up

Thank you brothers and sisters in Christ for your prayers. I fasted this morning as part of my first fruits walk. I had a helping of the Words of Lord Jesus the Christ and the Words of Abba Father Yahweh. I praised and worshipped Abba Father Yahweh, the Lord Jesus, and the Lord Holy Spirit. I ate and drank to the Glory of Abba Father Yahweh. I gave Abba Father Yahweh all the Praise and all the Glory for this victory in my life. All spiritual believers please keep me up in prayer in this area.

Stay tune for more.

Your Sister In Christ Jesus,

Dr. Edith Davis

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