Friday, October 30, 2009

The Spiritual Believer and Finishing the Race

Editor In Chief Cathy Ferguson

Dear Believers In Jesus the Christ,

The Holy Spirit wants me to reveal to you about Finishing the Race. Spiritual believers, many of us may not have had a good start with our LORD Abba Father Yahweh, but we can all have a Great Finish. Spiritual believers one of our greatest Apostles Paul did not have a great start with the LORD, but he had a great finish. The women in the genealogy of our Lord Jesus the Christ Tamar, Rahab, Ruth, and Mary the Mother of our Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ all had rocky starts, but they all had great finishes.

Spiritual believers, as you witness to the people let them know it's not so important how you start with Abba Father Yahweh. What is the more important is how you finish and you want to finish well.

Spiritual believers let us All Finish Well with our LORD Abba Father Yahweh, our Lord Jesus the Christ and our Lord Holy Spirit.

Spiritual Believers and Never Giving Up

Thank you brothers and sisters for your prayers. I continue on my 40 day fast. All is well.

Stay tuned for more.

Your Sister In Christ Jesus,

Dr. Edith G. Davis

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