Monday, October 5, 2009

The Spiritual Believer and The Traditions of Men

Editor In Chief Cathy Ferguson

Dear Believers In Jesus the Christ,

The Holy Spirit would like for me to reveal to you about their position on The Traditions of Men. Spiritual believers over two decades ago I asked The LORD Abba Father Yahweh, The Lord Holy Spirit, and my Lord Jesus the Christ where was their POWER. I saw churches on every corner, but no POWER. I saw jacked up marriages. I saw jacked up families. I saw people including myself with jacked up finances. The Lord Holy Spirit proceeded to show me why there is little to no power in many churches in the Body of Christ. One of the reasons there is little to know POWER in the Body of Christ is due to the Traditions of Men.

Our Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ has made it very clear that He, the Lord Holy Spirit and the LORD Abba Father Yahweh do not like the Traditions of Men especially when those traditions usurp the Word of Abba Father Yahweh. Our Lord Jesus gave the example of the Pharisees and how they stopped people from honoring and taking care of their mothers and fathers by diverting their money to the synagogues instead of taking care of their mothers and fathers.

Our Lord Jesus talked about how men and women are too busy conforming to the Traditions of Men instead obeying our Father; Abba FatherYahweh and HIS Holy Word. Spiritual believers this is why Jesus says that people who call themselves Christians will go to hell, because they never really had a personal relationship with Jesus the Christ; they had relationships with men and they decided to pursue the traditions of men and the accolades of men instead of pursuing the accolades of Abba Father Yahweh by obeying HIS Holy Word.

Spiritual believers Abba Father Yahweh wish us to fellowship with one another. Abba Father Yahweh wishes us to help each other, but HE is not interested in the traditions that we create and place above HIS Holy Word. Abba Father Yahweh places HIS Holy Word even above HIS Holy Name; that is how important HIS Holy Word is to HIM. Therefore we should not be surprised that Abba Father Yahweh does not like the Traditions of Men especially when it makes people go contrary to HIS Holy Word.

Spiritual believers I tell people when they invite me to their church that I like My JESUS straight and undiluted by the Traditions of Men. I tell people that I have problems and I need real solutions that only God Abba Father Yahweh can provide for me.

Spiritual believers pursue Abba Father Yahweh and not the Traditions of Men.

Spiritual Believers and Never Giving Up

Thank you brothers and sisters for your prayers. I continue on my 40 day fast. All is well.

Stay tuned for more.

Your Sister In Christ Jesus,

Dr. Edith G. Davis

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