Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Spiritual Believers and Idolatry

Editor In Chief Cathy Ferguson

Dear Believers In Jesus the Christ,

Spiritual believers, the Holy Spirit would like for me to reveal to you about Idolatry. Spiritual believers, we live in a world that is fill of Idol Worshipers. Spiritual believers, we have people in the Body of Christ that also Worship Idols.

Spiritual believers, here is the Test. Spiritual believers, who do you turn to first when you are in a crisis. Spiritual believers, if the answers is not Abba Father Yahweh and HIS Holy Word; then whatever you turn to is your Idol. Spiritual believers, we have people who believe that the natural is separate from the spiritual. Spiritual believers, everything and I mean everything in the natural came from the spiritual realm.

Spiritual believers, there is no separation of the spiritual from the natural what you do in the natural has spiritual consequences, and what is done in the spiritual has natural consequence. Spiritual believers, what you bind on Earth shall be bond in Heaven. Spiritual believers, everything is spiritual including what we do in the natural.

Spiritual believers, we have churches on every corner. Spiritual believers, we have Christan Television Shows, we have Christian Conferences, we have Christians Programs and still no power; no real change in the lives of the people; nor do we make real impacts on this Earth. Spiritual believers, oil is spilling in the Gulf of Mexico we should be praying for a supernatural intervention.

Spiritual believers, examine your life and get rid of all your Idols so that you can walk in True Power, and make a real impact on this World for the Kingdom of Abba Father Yahweh.

Today Is A Resurrection Saturday For Me.

Your Sister In Christ Jesus,

Dr. Edith Davis

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