Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Spiritual Believers and The Big PUSH

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Editor In Chief Cathy Ferguson

Dear Believers In Jesus the Christ,

Spiritual believers, the Holy Spirit would like for me to reveal to you about The Big PUSH. Spiritual believers, today my day was surreal. Spiritual believers, what I mean by surreal is that I was in this World physically, but spiritually I was somewhere else. Spiritual believers, as I look around me at all the needs of my family and friends as well as my own personal needs (which are many) I knew that it was time for another 40 days fast.

Spiritual believers, there are times where only fasting and praying can break the demons backs. Spiritual believers, fasting is not something that I am a natural at, however with the Supernatural Power of the Holy Spirit I will prevail. Spiritual believers, sometimes the breakthrough is just a hairs breath away, and you need to give it The Big PUSH to get it from There (the Kingdom of Heaven) to Here (the Kingdom of God).

Spiritual believers, sometimes you will need to make the ultimate sacrifice to see your love ones healed and delivered. Spiritual believers, sacrifice is the ultimate fruit of Perfect Love. Spiritual believers, my Godmother fast and pray for me often. Spiritual believers, fasting and praying must become apart of your spiritual makeup.

Spiritual believers you must be willing to give The Big PUSH in order to have the breakthrough in the Kingdom of God which is Here. Spiritual believers, join me in The Big PUSH for the breakthroughs in your life and in my life. Spiritual believers, I will fast and pray for you and you can fast and pray for me. I will begin my fast Sunday,(Mother's Day evening) May 9, 2010.

Spiritual believers, I learned a long time ago that if I take care of Abba Father Yahweh's Business HE will take care of my business. And nobody can take care of business like Abba Father Yahweh.

Be Blessed.

Today Is A Resurrection Saturday For Me.

Your Sister In Christ Jesus,

Dr. Edith Davis

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