Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Spiritual Believer and Sickness

Editor In Chief Cathy Ferguson

Dear Believers In Jesus the Christ,

Spiritual believers, the Holy Spirit would like for me to reveal to you about Sickness. Spiritual believers, we will all have to deal with Sickness. Some Sickness is due to our disobedience in taking care of our bodies which is the temple of the Holy Spirit. However, some Sicknesses are opportunities to Glorify the Father. Spiritual believers, we are to give thanks even in times of Sickness because all things will work for our good even Sickness.

Spiritual believers, give Thanks even in times of Sickness and Glorify Abba Father Yahweh.

Spiritual believers, bless your Teachers.

Spiritual Believers and Never Giving Up

I continued to seek guidance from the Lord Holy Spirit.

Stay tuned for more.

Your Sister In Christ Jesus,

Dr. Edith G. Davis

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