Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Spiritual Believer and Ignorance

Editor In Chief Cathy Ferguson

Dear Believers In Jesus the Christ,

Spiritual believers, the Holy Spirit would like for me to reveal to you about Ignorance. Spiritual believers, Ignorance is another weapon that satan uses against people as well as the people of Abba Father Yahweh. Spiritual believers, we know in ancient times there were cultures that had human sacrifices. Spiritual believers, through out the world Abortions are performed and they are a form of human sacrifice. Spiritual believers, the Church is no exception to this sin. Abortion is also a form of Idolatry.

Spiritual believers, here is the part that most people and even believers are not aware of; and that is when a child is Aborted you have made a blood covenant with the devil ie., satan. Spiritual believers, this blood covenant gives satan access to the woman who had the Abortion, and all the people who assisted or recommended that she Abort her child.

Spiritual believers, this access from the kingdom of darkness will have death and destruction not only impact the woman and all those involved, but this death and destruction will impact future generations of all those involved. Spiritual believers, those who Aborted a child or were involved in Abortion will see over and over again death in their relationships; death in their finances; even death in their dreams.

But, Spiritual believers that is not all; the Nations who permitted this practice will also see death in their economy, death of the family structure, and much more... all because of Ignorance to the true spiritual consequences of Abortion.

Spiritual believers, we must cry out for Mercy to the one and only true God Abba Father Yahweh. We must pray for Mercy for our Nation and Mercy for the people involved. Spiritual believers, we must pray that all of our spiritual eyes be illuminated and that we all come into a full and saving knowledge of our God Abba Father Yahweh, our Lord Jesus the Christ, and our Lord Holy Spirit.

Spiritual believers, let us no longer be Ignorant and understand that there are consequence to sin beyond what we can even imagine.

Spiritual Believers and Never Giving Up

I am fasting for the year.

Stay tuned for more.

Your Sister In Christ Jesus,

Dr. Edith G. Davis

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