Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Golden Nugget from the Treasures of the Kingdom of God Abba Father Yahweh

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Golden Nugget from the Treasures of the Kingdom of God Abba Father Yahweh

Spiritual believers the
 Holy Tithes confirms to Abba Father Yahweh, Lord God Christ Jesus, and Lord God Holy Spirit that we Believe and Trust HIS Holy WORD above ALL Things.  Daddy God Abba Father Yahweh wants you to Choose HIM above All Things.  Spiritual believers when you Tithe you are Choosing Daddy God Abba Father Yahweh Above All Things.  Spiritual believers approximately 20% of believers and pastors Tithe.  

Spiritual believers that is why Christ Jesus gave us the parable about the individuals with the talents.  Spiritual believers one had 5 talents, one had 2 talents, and one had 1 talent.  Spiritual believers Abba Father Yahweh is looking for Increase.  It is easy to say the Words I Trust you LORD, but  when you put Your MONEY where your Mouth and Heart ARE that a Whole different STORY.

Spiritual believers Miracles occurs in the House of the Tither.  And As we ALL KNOW their are some things that MONEY Can Not BUY.  I was listening to stories about Robin Williams as well as other famous celebrities.  The bottom line was that their FAME as well as MONEY could not buy them the Happiness that they were seeking in All the Wrong Places.

Spiritual believers Tithe and See the Miracles of the Kingdom of God Over Take Your Household.

This is Dr. Edith Davis with another Golden Nugget from Wave 94.1 FM.

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