Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Spiritual Believer, Firemen, Hazmat, and Bomb Squads

Editor In Chief Cathy D. Ferguson

Dear Believers In Jesus the Christ,

Spiritual believers, the Holy Spirit would like for me to reveal to you about Firemen, Hazmat, and Bomb Squads Workers. Spiritual believers, there are many roles in the Body of Christ. Spiritual believers, some of us have the role of Firemen, Hazmat Workers, and Bomb Squad Members.

Spiritual believers, the members of the Body of Christ that have these roles are especially trained for some of the most hazardous situations that we will find in the Body of Christ as well as the World. Abba Father Yahweh strategically places these individuals in roles such as teachers, social workers, counselors, doctors, lawyers, engineers, scientists, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters and more.

Spiritual believers, the Spiritual Firemen are needed when peoples lives are going up in smoke. Spiritual believers, Baby Christians should not enter in when people spiritual houses are on Fire; because they too may get burned. Spiritual believers, the Spiritual Firemen have the healing and living waters of the Holy Spirit at their disposal. Spiritual believers, they also know the correct pressure the water needs to be at in order to get the optimum effect.

Spiritual believers, the Spiritual Hazmat Workers are needed when you are dealing with toxic people. Spiritual believers, these individuals poison everything they touch. Spiritual believers, these individuals need to be handled with extreme care due to their acidic nature. Spiritual believers, they can cause sever harm to Baby Christians. Spiritual believers, the Spiritual Hazmat worker knows what to wear as well as how to wear the proper Hazmat suits for each type of toxic environment. The Holy Spirit has trained them on how to enter a hazardous environment as well as how to bring themselves and the toxic individuals out alive.

Spiritual believers, the Spiritual Bomb Squad Members are highly trained for the most dangerous individuals those who are spiritual time bombs. Spiritual believers, these individuals have been trained by the Holy Spirit to defuse these individuals so that they will not blow themselves up or others. Spiritual believers, great care of these individuals is essential for the survival of them and all that they love. Spiritual believers, Baby Christans should never approach these assignments until they are trained by the Holy Spirit. Spiritual believers, if they try to address such a problem they may cause the situation to degrade even more rapidly; which will cause more harm to the individuals as well as themselves.

Spiritual believers, the Intercessor Prayer Warriors are essential in addressing each of these situations. Spiritual believers, no spiritual breakthrough can happen without them. Spiritual believers, be prepared if the Holy Spirit starts training you to be a Spiritual Fireman, Hazmat Worker, or Bomb Squad Member; because all are needed in the Body of Christ.

Spiritual believers, learn your Roles well.

Spiritual believers, I have obeyed the Father concerning writing the Blog, and now the Holy Spirit is moving me to the next level. Spiritual believers, those of you who read the blog and get your needed Word from Abba Father Yahweh can show your support of HIS Ministry by sending love offerings.

Spiritual believers, if you are lead by the Holy Spirit to give to HIS Ministry of Enter the Glory Zone; you can send your check or money order to Dr. Edith G. Davis to the following address:

Dr. Edith G. Davis
Enter the Glory Zone
P.O. Box 5275
Tallahassee, Florida 32314-5275

Spiritual believers, always be moved by the Holy Spirit concerning your Giving. Spiritual believers, never let someone tap your Emotions; always be moved by the Holy Spirit and you will be Blessed.

Today Is A Resurrection Saturday For Me.

Your Sister In Christ Jesus,

Dr. Edith G. Davis

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