Saturday, February 2, 2019

A Priceless Word From The Kingdom of Heaven to the Kingdom of God

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A Priceless Word From
The Kingdom of Heaven
To the Kingdom of God

Hello Everyone,

The Holy Spirit has a SPECIAL WORD for US ALL the Word is 


Please Join Me, Dr. Edith Davis, Tomorrow Sunday, February 3, 2019, at CHRISTIAN HERITAGE CHURCH (CHC) 2820 Sharer Road, Tallahassee, FL. 

Everyone please come and bring ALL that You LOVE. Everyone, something BIG is about to happen in the Kingdom of God.  I believe there will be MIRACLES, SIGNS, WONDERS, HEALINGS, HOMES, FINANCES, JOBS, HEALED RELATIONSHIPS AND MUCH MORE (Dr. Edith Davis)

From Pastors Steve and Yvonne Dow

Don't miss this Sunday!  God has prepared something very special for all of us who make the effort to be at Christian Heritage Church.  He is going to pour out His Spirit in an unprecedented fashion.  We have had good services but Sunday He is taking us into OVERFLOW! 

Cancel your travel plans, ask off work, get out of bed, come in your pajamas if you have to....but do whatever it takes to be here this Sunday! 

Come Expecting,

Steve and Yvonne Dow

Spiritual believers, I Decree and Declare that The Church (The Bride of Christ Jesus) will Tithe 100% in My Life Time (Dr. Edith G. Davis)

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This is Dr. Edith Davis with another Golden Nugget from Wave 94.1 FM.

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