Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Spiritual Believer and the Blessed Place

Editor In Chief Cathy D. Ferguson

Dear Believers In Jesus the Christ,

Spiritual believers, the Holy Spirit would like for me to reveal to you about How to Stay In The Blessed Place.  Spiritual believers we should understand that we have the Power and the Authority to Reign on this Earth.  However we must operate within the Spiritual Laws our Daddy Abba Father Yahweh has establish for us on this Earth.

Spiritual believers our Lord Jesus got back all the Power and all the Authority from satan when He died on the cross and rose from the dead.  Spiritual believers our Lord Jesus than gave us this Power and Authority.  Spiritual believers this Power and Authority is even greater than Adam and Eve's Power and Authority, because we have Power and Authority over Heaven, Earth, and Beneath the Earth.  Adam and Eve only had Power and Authority over the Earth.

Now, Spiritual believers the questions is if we have all this Power and Authority why are we going through all these trials as well as tribulations in our bodies, our marriages, our families, our relationships, our jobs, our finances and our lives.  The answer to this question is that when we Sin in these areas even thou Jesus has died for our sins,we still may suffer consequences  in our souls and in our bodies because of Lack of Knowledge.

So, How do we stay in that Blessed Place where it is Heaven on Earth?  How do we stay in that Blessed Place where there is no more Sickness, no more Diseases, no more Poverty, no more Lack, no more Divorce, no more Evil in our lives.  The Answer is that we must fight the good fight of Faith and stay in the Blessed Place at All Cost.

Spiritual believers the prodigal son left the Blessed Place and for a while it appeared life was good, however once he left that Blessed Place of his Father he was prey to the enemy satan.  Spiritual believers once satan was done with him, he was penniless, hunger, and almost hopeless until he thought about the Father.

Spiritual believers that is what satan is trying to do to each and everyone of us.  satan is trying to draw us out of our Safe and Blessed Place so that he (satan) may devour us.  The following are the Safe and Blessed Places that Abba Father Yahweh has establish for us on this Earth:

1.  The Marriage:  Marriage is a Convent Relationship with God Abba Father Yahweh, our spouses and ourselves.  Spiritual believers when we break our Convent relationship with our spouses we open the door to death and destruction for ourselves, our children, our health, our finances.  Because satan comes to Steal, Kill and Destroy us all.

2,  The Ministry:  Spiritual believers God Abba Father Yahweh has given each and everyone of us a Ministry on this Earth.  Spiritual believers we are to ask the Holy Spirit what is our Ministry and do it at All Cost.

3. The Mission:  Spiritual believers  our mission is really God’s Mission; the redemption of the world. We were created to be in perfect relationship with him, but we do fall short. The Church is to be God’s partners in that Mission by proclaiming the Kingdom of God in both word and deed. We are to follow Jesus’ example of healing, feeding, teaching and preaching, especially to those who are not already within the church.  Spiritual believers we are to pursue God's Mission at All Cost.

Spiritual believers when we stay in these Blessed Places we are Protected and Provided for on this Earth.  Spiritual believers we will be under the Open Windows of Heaven and the Blessings of God Abba Father Yahweh will rain down on us. 

Spiritual believers this is why we had death and destruction in our lives because we have left one or all of these Places.  Spiritual believers once we leave these Safe and Blessed Places we are now prey to the enemy satan and it is only a matter of time when he tries to destroy us and all that we love.

Spiritual believers Stay in the Safe and Blessed Places of God Abba Father Yahweh and have Heaven on Earth.

Roman 10:9

If you declare with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.

Spiritual believers, please pray that your heart is good ground so that you may receive this revelation. Spiritual believers, if you wish for me to come to a group meeting to explain this further please leave your contact information and your request on my answering phone(816) 678-6838 USA Tallahassee, Florida).

I obeyed the Father concerning writing the Blog, and now the Holy Spirit is moving me to the next level. Spiritual believers, those of you who read the blog and get your needed Word from Abba Father Yahweh can show your support of HIS Ministry by sending love offerings. Spiritual believers, if you are lead by the Holy Spirit to give to HIS Ministry of Enter the Glory Zone; you can send your check or money order to Dr. Edith G. Davis to the following address:

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Spiritual believers, always be moved by the Holy Spirit concerning your Giving. Spiritual believers, never let someone tap your Emotions; always be moved by the Holy Spirit and you will be Blessed.

Today Is A Resurrection Thursday For Me.

Your Sister In Christ Jesus,

Dr. Edith G. Davis