Monday, January 28, 2013

Spiritual Believers and The Secret To How To Recieve Your Blessings NOW

Editor In Chief Cathy D. Ferguson

Dear Believers In Jesus the Christ,

Spiritual believers, the Holy Spirit would like for me to reveal to you about How To Receive Your Blessings NOW.  Spiritual believers the way you receive your Blessings NOW or have the Promises of God Manifest NOW in your life is to first place yourself under the New Covenant of Grace through Christ Jesus.

Spiritual believers the next step to receiving your Blessings NOW is not to be under Condemnation.  Spiritual believers Jesus has taken all our sins, our transgressions, our iniquities, our guilt, our judgement, our sickness, our diseases, our poverty, our lack, our worries, our anxieties, everything that would separate us from Him, Abba Father Yahweh and our God Lord Holy Spirit.

Spiritual believers you can not receive your Blessings if you are under Condemnation.  Spiritual believers when you are under Condemnation you are saying that Jesus' Blood is not sufficient for the forgiveness of your sins.

Spiritual believers the next step to receiving your Blessings NOW is Pronounce your Blessings.  Spiritual believers we have been given the Creative Power of Words.  Spiritual believers Believe God's Word, Receive God's Word, Decree God's Word, and Have God's Word.  Spiritual believers God's Word is Spirit and Life.

Spiritual believers the next step to receive your Blessing NOW is accept your Calling from Abba Father Yahweh.  Spiritual believers God Abba Father Yahweh gives the 100 fold Blessing to believers that accept HIS Plan for them, because it is in alignment with HIS Kingdom Plan.

Spiritual believers the next step is be Givers to the Kingdom of God and HIS Plans.  Spiritual believers God Abba Father Yahweh wants His chosen People the nation of Israel to be saved.  Spiritual believers when you align your finances with God's Priorities you will see increase in your finances.

Spiritual believers the most important step is to have the Heart of God Abba Father Yahweh become the center of your life.  Spiritual believers God's Heart is JESUS the Christ.  Spiritual believers King David figure this out and became a man after God's own Heart.

Spiritual believers David figure out what was important to God Abba Father Yahweh and he made it important to him.  Spiritual believers David promised God Abba Father Yahweh that he would not rest until he took care of the things that are important to God Abba Father Yahweh.

Spiritual believers God Liked King David.  Spiritual believers God Loves all of Mankind, however God does not Like all of Mankind.  Spiritual believers it is important to be Loved by God, but it is also important to be Liked by God.

Spiritual believers God Likes people who Like HIM and HIS Kingdom Vision.

Spiritual believers, please pray that your heart is good ground so that you may receive this revelation. Spiritual believers, if you wish for me to come to a group meeting to explain this further please leave your contact information and your request on my answering phone(850) 599-3038(USA Tallahassee, Florida).

I obeyed the Father concerning writing the Blog, and now the Holy Spirit is moving me to the next level. Spiritual believers, those of you who read the blog and get your needed Word from Abba Father Yahweh can show your support of HIS Ministry by sending love offerings. Spiritual believers, if you are lead by the Holy Spirit to give to HIS Ministry of Enter the Glory Zone; you can send your check or money order to Dr. Edith G. Davis to the following address:

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Spiritual believers, always be moved by the Holy Spirit concerning your Giving. Spiritual believers, never let someone tap your Emotions; always be moved by the Holy Spirit and you will be Blessed.

Today Is A Resurrection Monday For Me.

Your Sister In Christ Jesus,

Dr. Edith G. Davis